Sampling / Dispensing Booth (RLAF Unit)

Cleanliness Class 100 / ISO CLASS 5 / M 3.5 AREA
Velocity at Grill 90 ± 10 FPM
Material of Construction S.S 304
HEPA Filter Minipleated HEPA Filters down to 0.3mic. particulate at an efficiency of 99.999% (EU14) duly tested on DOP tested with SS-304 Protective Grill
Intermediate Filter Micro ‘V’ Filter down to 5mic. Particulate at an efficiency of 99% (EU9) enclosed in aluminum frame with epoxy sealing (Washable Type)
Pre-Filters Pre-Filter down to 10mic. Particulate at an efficiency of 95% (EU4) enclosed in aluminum frame with epoxy sealing (Washable Type)
Blower Assembly Dynamically and statically balanced motor and blower
Side Panels Both sideSS-304 Double Skinned PUF Insulated Panel
Front Door Do with Flexible PVC Strip Curtain
Electrical 1) On/Off Switch
2) Fluorescent Light
3) U V Light
4) Auxiliary Socket
Pressure Gauge Magnahelic Gaugeone is to check the pressure drop across the HEPA filter and other for pre & micro ‘V’ (intermediate) filters
Powder supply 230 V, 50Hz, Single Phase
Documentation DQ, IQ, OQ Test Certificate

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