Dynamic Pass Box

Cleanliness Class 100
Velocity at Grill 90 ± 20 FPM
MOC Main Body – SS-304
Supply Filter Micro Fiberglass Paper Media pleated HEPA Filters down to 0.3mic. Particulate at an efficiency of 99.999% duly tested on DOP tested Filter Casing is made up of Aluminum extrusion.
Suction Filter Non-woven synthetic media Pre-Filter down to 5mic. Particulate at an efficiency of 95%
Blower Assembly Dynamically and statically balanced motor and blower
Electrical 1) Feather Touch On/Off Panel
2) Fluorescent Light
3) U V Light
Special Features Door Opening With Solid State Electronic Inter Locking Mechanism
à When both door closed; both are elec. Magnet locked;
For open press touch screen to release the door
à At A Time Only One Door Opened
à Audio Indication for material is kept inside the pass box
à In close condition of both door : UV Light will be on,
à When open any one door : UV will off and FL will on
Pressure Measurement Meghnehalic Pressure Gauge to check the pressure drop across the HEPA filter
Powder supply 230 V, 50Hz, Single Phase
Documentation DQ, IQ, OQ Test

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